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Thank you for reading more about Tre Piccioni!

We are both passionate and interested in learning more about ways to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and help others do the same.  To us, food is more than what we just eat with a fork; it is about knowing and being comfortable with where it comes from, supporting local farmers, sharing knowledge about delicious ways of preparing fresh foods, and building community around the table.  Of course, taking a moment to smell and appreciate the wonderful taste is great, too!

Both native New Englanders, we found ourselves drawn back to the cold, snowy winters, and beautiful coastal summers of the Northeast.   Portland, ME is our current home with 3 lovely, four-legged furballs (Maggie, Ricky and Dorian) and an ongoing assortment of fermentation and gardening projects.  We are so happy to be in a place where people are so connected to local agriculture and interested in sustainable ways of living.

Here is a little bit more about ourselves:


The lively experience of the table and the rite of cooking are both deeply personal and meaningful to me.  Cooking connects me to both my personal past, such as  memories of enjoying a christmas eve feast in my grandmother’s kitchen, as well as the traditions and methods tested and honored long before I was born.  We have been feeding ourselves as well as our friends and families long before elbow macaroni came sold in a blue box with powdered cheese, and long before the Food Network existed. I believe that good nourishing food and the good company it brings are integral to our collective human experience.  It does not have to be complicated or intimidating; let me show you how!


While still navigating my own path, I have always been interested in living simply, authentically and compassionately.  I grew up in Maine, and after traveling and studying around the world, and doing a fair bit of self-reflection, I realized that Portland is exactly the kind of down-to-earth, supportive community that I am inspired by and where I want to cultivate lasting and meaningful roots.  The work I have been doing lately and am interested in includes facilitating spaces for people to learn and make active choices about their bodies, families, lifestyles and wellness.  Why food specifically, then, you may ask?  I helped build this blog with my partner (a very talented chef and educator!) because it merges my desires to facilitate and support holistic wellness and self-nurturance, and also build community around local, sustainable food and practices. Every day I am excited to learn more about gardening, composting, home brewing, and experimenting with new, simple ways of preparing wonderful local foods.  Most of all, I enjoy sharing this pleasure with others.

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