Wedding Feasts, Maple Whiskey and Broken-Leg Brew!

We were so grateful to be surrounded by twenty of our closest friends and family for our October wedding at a rustic farmhouse we rented for the weekend on the coast of Addison, ME.  Everyone came together to help us decorate, cook, and more importantly, stay present and enjoy the moment! abigail_and_israel-0020



Our close friends, Colin and Dena, secretly schemed and recreated one of my new favorite drinks to start off the day!


-English bitters

-Maple syrup

-Lemon juice

-Splash of soda water


Colin also prepared for us a pitcher of cocktails made with rose hip jam (courtesy of the rose bushes on the beach) and foraged greenery.ImageImage

It definitely kept me relaxed and happy just an hour before saying “I do”s.Image

We also finally opened up our home-brew belgian style ale, which Dena fondly titled, “Broken-leg Brew,” because of my injury and surgery this past summer during the batch’s primary fermentation. abigail_and_israel-9350Image

And then there was the circle ceremony, which was beyond words.  Everyone contributed something- a blessing, a song, a reading- and Dena officiated after we tearfully managed to say our own vows.ImageImageImageabigail_and_israel-0463

For that hour, time stood still…abigail_and_israel-0465ImageImage

… And then we were back to work!

Israel prepared braised goat which simmered overnight in a huge pot on the stovetop and filled the whole house with its enticing aroma.   He cooked it in lots of red wine with garlic, anchovies, raisins, garlic and finished it with fresh rosemary. Israel and Colin were in the kitchen or over the grill all afternoon preparing the goat, beet salad, mackerel, scalloped potatoes, bread and more, while everyone else helped to set the table and enjoyed snacks by the fireplace. ImageImageabigail_and_israel-0398ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

My father also made his fabulous butternut squash soup with ingredients from his garden.Image

Drinks were flowing freely, including our home-brewed  ale and cider.Image

Although we had little elbow room, it was only right to have everyone come together around one table.Image


Scratch Bakery in South Portland, ME made us a delicious carrot cake.  My only task was placing the top layer on the base… imperfection is tastier I’ve always found!Image

(cake photo credit:  Colin Peacock)

Thank you to all who helped make our day so unforgettable.abigail_and_israel-0335

Image We can’t wait to plan our anniversary party feast now!

Until then, we will be enjoying good food and lovely friends.


(unless noted otherwise, all photos credited to:  a love supreme photography.  To see their blog post about our wedding, click here.)