Learn Local, Cook Global

Israel’s post from the Better World by Design conference (Oct 2011):

Rethinking our Relationship with Food, Reclaiming our Food Systems, & Exploring the Pleasures of Cooking for Ourselves

Food is More than Fuel.

Imagine food as a sensory experience. Stop, slow down, and savor this experience.
It takes at least 15 minutes for the brain to realize that the stomach is full, no matter how fast food is consumed.

Discover your favorite flavor profiles. What do you like to eat?
Imagine food as a social experience. Share your favorite dishes with others. Will your dinner taste better sitting alone in front of your laptop, or around a table laughing with friends? Start a tradition of Sunday dinners.

What am I Eating?
Consider the impact of your food choices. Where does your food come from? Appreciate what you are eating, and emphasize quality over quantity. How does what we eat now affect what we will eat in the future?
What is growing now? Think seasonal and local.
Is good food affordable?


Feed Yourself; Learn How to.