dscn2798Hi Friends!

On the two year anniversary of our first date, we have finally started our food & wellness blog, Tre Piccioni!

We are both passionate and interested in learning more about ways to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, and help others do the same.  To us, food is more than what we just eat with a fork; it is about knowing and being comfortable with where it comes from, supporting local farmers, sharing knowledge about delicious ways of preparing fresh foods, and building community around the table.  Of course, taking a moment to smell and appreciate the wonderful taste is great, too!

IMG_1035Both native New Englanders, we recently found ourselves drawn back to the cold, snowy winters, and beautiful coastal summers of the Northeast.   Portland, ME is our current home with 3 lovely, four-legged furballs (Maggie, Ricky and Dorian) and our future, urban veggie garden.  We are so happy to be in a place where people are so connected to local agriculture and interested in sustainable ways of living, and we hope that you will join us.  Read more about our interests, education, and story here!

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